concerning the unplanned outage of Unit 2 at Cernavoda NPP on 29 March 2018


According to the provisions of Law no. 111/1996, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions, the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) is responsible for the regulation, licensing and control of nuclear activities, including nuclear power generation.

The unplanned outage of Unit 2 at Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on 29 March 2018 took place under complete radiological and nuclear safety conditions, in compliance with the system procedures of Cernavoda NPP and the technical specifications of the conventional equipment, turbine and generator, provided by the suppliers, and observing the procedures on reactor operation in reduced power mode during the activities conducted for the identification and remediation of the dysfunction until its safe restart, reconnection to the grid and full capacity operation. 

The department of CNCAN experts residing on Cernavoda NPP site participated in the supervision of the unplanned outage of Unit 2 according to CNCAN’s procedures, ensuring the monitoring of the functional parameters and ascertaining the lack of any radiological influences on the operating personnel, the environment and the people located in the vicinity of the plant, as well as the absence of any radiological or nuclear event.

Consequently, we confirm that in Romania the environmental radioactivity is ten times below the alarming limit (200 Bq/ m3) and the external gamma dose rate, as an average, is ten times lower than the alarming limit (10 µSv/h). These data are confirmed based on the reports of the National Environmental Radioactivity Surveillance Network of the National Environmental Protection Agency, which comprise information on the radioactivity of the atmospheric aerosol samples.

At the moment, the Cernavoda NPP personnel is performing the necessary activities for the remediation of the causes that led to the unplanned outage of Unit 2, as well as for the safe restart of this unit.

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"National competent authority in nuclear field having responsibilities of regulation, authorization and control stipulated in this Law is the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control, public institution of national interest, legal entity, with the head office in Bucharest, being headed by a President having the rank of State Secretary, coordinated by the Prime Minister".
(Taken from Article 4 of the Law 111/1996 on the safe deployment, regulation, authorization and control of nuclear activities, with subsequent modifications and completions)

According to the Prime Minister Decision nr. 442/20.08.2012, published in the Official Gazette no. 0595/2012, starting with August 20th, 2012, the function of Presdident, having the rank of State Secretary for the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control is carry on by Mr.Ph.D. Constantin POPESCU.